Monday, June 28, 2010

P.R. Update

The Personality Revelation was an interesting project. Two days into being positive and a less worried individual I got a phone call for a job interview. It seemed to be working! I also got more responsibility at my volunteering position. I cheered up someone who was having a bad day and I attempted to change another person's outlook on a situation (it didn't work, but I would usually just stew in the negativity with them). I still spent way too much time on the internet though.

However, I did not keep my word that it would be for a week. An event set me off on Sunday and I blew up. It put me into a funk for the next 7 days and when I looked for help to pull me out of the terribleness that I had fallen into, there was no one willing to take my hand. That pushed me further down into the terrible funk. Other things began to bother me and I became extremely sad about all things surrounding my life. I tried little things here and there to pick me up, but no response. Finally, it is Monday morning and I can not stand to be the shell of a person who hardly speaks and sleeps most of the day away. It is Monday morning and I am trying, no- I will put last week and the realizations that came out of my and other people's actions behind me. This week is the week of making yourself happy. And, not just yourself- others around you too.

Interview on Friday. My 6 year anniversary is also on Friday. Canada Day. Work BBQ tonight.

Wish me luck and here's a picture for good measure.

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