Sunday, April 10, 2011


There is something to be said about independence and the feeling it can bring.

This morning, a Sunday. I'm in my small kitchen. I want a coffee to start the day off. I grab my french press.

An AM ritual begins.

Grab the press.
Fill the kettle.
Turn on the stove.
Get the coffee from the cupboard.
Choose a mug.
Wait. Wait. Wait.
The whistle of the water.
The sizzle against the coffee.
Wait. Wait. Wait.
Black hits white porcelain.

For some reason, this little ritual represents independence for me. I am alone in my own kitchen. Doing my thing. Uninterrupted. It's quiet. It's calm. I'm doing this for myself and that's all.

Just felt the urge to share my moment.

I've been very absent. Things in life are confusing, but interesting and amazing things are happening. The less I write here, you can assume the better life becomes for me!