Monday, June 7, 2010

Move 6.0

On May 31st, my darling and I changed our living locale for the 4th time together. Yes, I moved. I have lived in 6 different places in the last 10 years. It seems like a lot, but it doesn't feel like a lot.

I can't stand moving. It is a lot of work. Packing, cleaning, hauling, driving, hauling again, unpacking, organizing. Bleh! Too much! However, I love what moving symbolizes. To me, moving is about going forward. It is about change and the thought that it could bring new things and perhaps new opportunities with it.

Moving is also a time to shed. Shed things that you do not need. Shed things that are weighing you down. Why do I need so many plate sets? I will never watch these DVDs again, why do I still have them? I wish my mother would stop buying me knick knacks... Hotel shampoos are terrible- why do we always take them? Etc. In this move, we shed a lot of 'weight', still hoping to shed more.

Some interesting things I found in the move:
-a broken Brita water filter
-a string of patio lights
-excessive amount of University paper work
-so many great mix cds from approximately Grade 11 and up
-photocopied pages of an old Mennonite cookbook

We are living in a peaceful neighborhood, surrounded by trees and what appears to be a horde of rabbits. We can play basketball across the street and barbecue down the street in the park. It is a welcome change from the concrete jungle ghetto we had been in for so long. Living in a place like that really hardens you. It makes you very insensitive. But, it also toughens you up- I'm not afraid of downtown like so many others. I can walk freely without fear. For that, I am thankful.

Perhaps the change of scenery will encourage a change of persona and we will both become more lively and active. I am certainly excited for everything this life change has to offer me.


  1. I work downtown and I'm still afraid of it! Congratulations on the move.

  2. Congrats on the moving!!

    Btw your blog is great! I'm a follower!
    Mine is
    Hope you like it and follow me too! ;)

  3. Thanks Island Gal! I will definitely follow you once I figure out how!

  4. Hey, I'm glad someone wrote about this. I have moved around all of my life(went to nine different schools as a youngster. As an adult I've made three big major city moved: Cleveland, San Francisco NYC and Amsterdam, Berlin is soon to come. I love meeting new people and all thatjazz but the process most def sucks. I have to move in three weeks and am dreading the experience. Packing, cleaning throwing things out I really don't want to but have no room for, and of course lugging my huge suitcase across the continents. Your totally right too, you find so much stuff once you move.

  5. ahh i hate moving too! I've lived in 3 different places and it's only my 2nd year out of college! i never realize how much crap I have until I have to pack it all up. Mostly it's all shoes and old magazines :D.
    I hope you like your new place better and it brings new opportunities

  6. Maybe there is something wrong with me...but I love moving. I've moved...never mind I don't want to actually count the lifetime total, but since moving to Regina in 2002 I have moved a lot..let me see... Parliament Ave, Ellison Cr, 4th Ave, McAra St, Lorne St, Rose St, Fines Dr, and now Robinson St...that's 8 times in 8 years...9 time if being homeless in between Lorne and Rose counts...I plan on finally leaving this place in about a year-I cannot wait!