Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Personality Revelation

On Sunday I had this weird and amazing idea...

I was chatting with someone very special to me and they told me that they did not like the person that they were. I of course thought this was crazy because I think they are truly amazing and that is why I love them. However, I completely understood what he was saying. There are certain aspects of myself which I can't stand. But, I never change. I never even try to change.

Things I Don't Like About Me:
-I worry too much
-I'm too negative
-I interrupt people ALL the time
-I'm not spontaneous enough
-I spend too much time on the Internet
-I always feel like it's me against the world

So, I have made a conscious decision to be the person I want to be for the next week. I promptly made a list of traits I want to embody.

Things I Would Like to Be:
-more positive
-feel more free and less tied down
-need less money
-see the bright side of things
-be more spontaneous
-worry less
-use the internet less
-more creative

For the next week, I am going to try my hardest to be these things. One day is already behind me and it went quite well...

I got up at 8am to see my Honey off to work. He has been feeling down lately, so I left him a a sweet little note on his dashboard with a coupon for a free hamburger from one of his favorite restaurants. I used the internet to check my emails and such- but did not spend as much time as usual on it. Then, I cleaned up the apartment a bit, did dishes, put dinner in the crockpot to cook, and made play dough for my child minding session at the women's shelter. All this before 10am. Took the bus to the women's shelter- bus was late, missed my transfer, got on the wrong bus, ran to catch a late bus, all this and made it to play group on time!!! That is enough to put me in a foul mood, but I managed to see the bright side that I was still on time and that I learned to not take the bus that says Island Lakes on it. On my way home, I stopped for a $15 haircut at a new salon. At first I worried as she began to cut and thought, I shouldn't have done this... but then I reminded myself that it is only hair and it will grow out in a week or 2. The cut turned out okay and I caught the bus home. Had dinner with Honey and went to play basketball/catch with him at the park nearby. This put him in a great mood and I was happy. We then put together some furniture from the move and arranged the living room. I also took him out for ice cream. I was happy to see Honey feeling good. Night ended well and we watched a new, weird show I was told about- Breaking Bad.


I will keep you posted on my personality revelation, or you could join me. Make your own list and try this experiment for a day, week, month! Post your list somewhere that you will see it often like the bathroom mirror or the fridge.

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  1. I hate Winnipeg Transit and all thier buses with the same number but different routes. I've taken the wrong bus more than once, though never the same wrong bus twice.

    Also the Personality Revelation sounds cool but I could never stick to it.