Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Math = Yuck - UPDATE!!!

We plan on moving to Vancouver in 2 years time. So, make that Summer 2012. I will be turning 28 years old. The BSW course that I want to take is 2 years long if you go full time and 3 years if you go part time. I'm thinking that I would have to go part time because living in Vancouver or the GVRD is expensive. So, 28years + 3years = 31 years old. I still have to take prerequisites though. So, I would probably have my second degree and starting my career by the time I am 32. Is that too old?

Also, if I decide to take my second degree at the University of British Columbia(UBC) in Vancouver, then I won't need to take a math course as it is not a requirement of the faculty.


I can't wait to move there in 2 years, I want to move now.

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