Friday, December 24, 2010

Post Convocation Alphabet Project

This installment's subject is courtesy of Kim. A great friend to have coffee with a dish the dirt of our lives.

H is for Hope. Pretty self-explanatory. You hope you'll get good grades. Hope you pass that exam. That moves into hoping you graduate on time. Hope you can find a job you love. If it's me, hope you can find any job that somehow relates to your field. Then, hoping you made the right choice for your life. Hoping things will look up and hoping you didn't waste 5 years and thousands of dollars. We are all hoping we find our way in life and ultimately, I'm hoping I find my way to true happiness.

Have a great holiday season everyone!

Hope is in the air.  I can feel it.

Also, some interesting news coming in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. 

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