Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tingle & Itch

There is something going on just beneath my skin. It feels a bit like a tingle and a lot like an itch. When I scratch, it just gets more intense. It usually starts in an arm and moves to the back of my neck. Then, it shoots to the centre of my brain and sits for awhile. It hangs on and is hard to shake loose.

The feeling has been happening about once a day since the Fall weather has reappeared. Perhaps this feeling has something to do with the memory of last year's Fall. Or maybe it has something to do with the stagnation I have been feeling in my life and surroundings. Whatever the reason is, the tingle is exciting and the itch is driving me up the walls.

The thoughts, the feelings, the itch and the tingle... they all have to do with a beautiful city. Vancouver. I spent a fraction of last Fall there. The most beautiful Fall I had ever witnessed. Mountains. Oceans. Fog. Rain. Red, yellow, and orange Maple leaves as big as my head. I spent it on ferries and trains. Eating fresh grapes and wine. Shopping the market and walking Robson. These images, these memories, and feelings will not leave me now as we head into another cold, deadly Winnipeg winter.

I'm not sure if a mere visit will satiate the tingle. The itch is greedy and wants to witness the spectacular sites everyday. My future in Winnipeg is uncertain as my contract is up in April and my lease is up in June -then what? Until then, the tingle will remain and the itch refuses to fade.

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