Saturday, August 28, 2010

Long Overdue Update

On July 31st, I moved out of the apartment I shared with my long time fiance. It was very unexpected and difficult for me. I moved in with an amazing friend who let me sleep in her living room while I figured out what exactly I was going to do about find a place to live. I slept on an air mattress for a month and lived out of Rubbermaid containers.

I went to go see many apartments- some nice, some horrible, some with bed bug problems, others without. I looked at places far from my old home with my Mister. I looked at another across the street from him.

I finally decided on a bachelor apartment with a lot of storage just down the street from 2 of my jobs. It includes hydro. It's a short bus ride or a 40 minute walk to my old apartment. I'm starting to think about things that I need. I need a bed! I need a table. I need so many things that it is a little scary to think about when I move in I will have next to nothing. But that's ok. I plan to make my new apartment colorful. Very colorful. I want it to echo a happy life. If the apartment is cheery, maybe I can be too.

Speaking of new things... I did not mention... I got a new job. It is only a part time term position but it is a great opportunity for me. I am working as a residential care worker in a 28 day rehab facility for women. It is a crown corporation, so I am basically with the government right now. It also mean that it is the most I have ever made hourly :) I have already worked 3 training shifts and people think that I am excelling- I've admitted people, discharged people, ran a group, written logs, dispensed meds, and more. The women are all cookoo crazy, but I can get along with them. My next shift is an overnight from 11pm til 7am. Wish me luck on that one. I've done it before at a shelter I worked at and I was okay. Although, this place is a lot more quiet than the homeless shelter.

While writing this blog I kept thinking that it seems like I am moving on. I'm not moving on so much as shifting. Shifting spaces, shifting paradigms. When one door closes... another opens... I'm keeping things from my old life, but I am also letting things go. I hope those things I want to keep in my life want the same thing. Those things should contemplate a pardigm shift of their own.

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