Saturday, April 17, 2010

Company (dis)Loyalty

What does the term 'company loyalty' mean to you?

How many people have been with the same company or business for years? I have. I have been at one job off/on (but mostly on) for nearly 10 years. The other job I have been at for coming up on 2 years.

The 10 year job- that's just a job. There is no value in it. It is not a career. It just gives me a steady stream of money. If there is no value, why am I still there? Well, it is easy. It is flexible. There are tips. I have great friends there. It lets me come and go as I please. I know it will always be there for me if I need it.

The other job, the 2 year job, is more of a career type job. I am in love with the work. It is a constant learning experience and one day is never the same as the last. I would never think of skipping a shift or doing a lackluster job. I enjoy doing extra work and would gladly take on more responsibility.

I would call the above company loyalty. Do you agree?

Now... let's turn the tables. How do companies or businesses show their loyalty to their employees? Do they:
(1) give you a $0.25 raise only after you have worked 1200 hours
(2) pass you over for a position you are next in line for
(3) not post critical and important jobs that you would be interested in applying for
(4) minimize the work you do
(5) take credit for the work you do
(6) tell you one thing and then do another
(7) completely ignore your seniority
(8) allow you to train ever person who walks through the door, but not give you the authority to approve the trainee's final work
(9) give a job to someone who is under-qualified when you just recently asked for more responsibility
(10) offer to provide you with career guidance and then totally ignore you

Do these things sound like something that a respectful company would do to it's employees? Sadly, the answer is no. Then why do I as an employee try my very best to do my job when the guys who are one step above me do the lackluster and sometimes a downright nasty job. It is no wonder workplace theft is high and morale is low in so many companies (not that I steal from my workplace- there is nothing to steal, haha).

Another question, why do we stay? Why stay at a job that treats you like a rug?

What would you do if you worked a job you loved, but did not agree with the bigwig decisions?

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  1. I had a similar situation with the Aldo Group a few years back while in school, I worked for 3 years at crap wages while training a revolving door of managers and dealing with rude customers... but it was a flexible schedule and I absolutely loved the girls I worked with. But I eventually quit, realizing that you can't work at a horrible place just because you have friends there. Just stay friends with them after, and they'll give you the employee discount ;)